Legends of Programming Languages

Most programmers try to keep an eye on the latest programming trends so they can remain competitive and stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and enhancements, so with that move i build www.programwithcode.com and it's blog to keep the basic learning code alive.

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From time to time technology updates roll over the internet and we developers always try to pick up that race and while doing so we need to pull over on basics of programming because to become hyperpolyglot we all need to keep basic code base strong. Therefore while building programwithcode i thought why not to keep three most legends programming languages i.e Java , C and C++ basic code snippets alive so that basic structure of programming code can learned.

Most of the time i keep busy in learning and experimenting with technology therefore due to this maintenance and upgrade of this website is always kept on hold. Therefore this site need it's Legends of Tomorrow to save it's destiny and for that we need spear of destiny ⧪ to change it's reality.

So this is the other part of our discussion , here is the site view flow chart of programwithcode.com Although with spear of destiny it's reality may change in future...🔁
Visit www.programwithcode.com to explore codes snippets.

Now you maybe thinking what is this blog about and why the hell there is only this post on this.........
So let me enlighten you this is just an experiment post on google blogger with programwithcode blogspot domain the real blog experiment and knowledge lies on blog.programwithcode.com and to your knowledge it's developed in wordpress as backend with hueman theme that everybody uses as this what the Flash loves. Although the http://programwithcode.com is built with codeigniter php framework and may the Future flash will change it's timeline.

Okay guys that's all about this post and it's dedicated website, so for more stuff  please visit http://blog.programwithcode.com and share you comments.